A good day of fun and work.

Good evening,

So today was a rainy in the morning and windy in the afternoon kinda day. We started indoors due to the rain and painted one wall of the lil ones room! No drips, trickles or smears either!

And then we went on to transplant the seeds that have sprouted and start more seeds!

Then we headed outside to start some work. Anny helped the kids fly kites while I started on the old tree pile. We unfortunately lost Trinity’s kite but we had tons of fun!

After flying kites Anny worked on the tree stump. Here’s were I left it yesterday.

And here is after she was done with it.

And here is that tree pile we worked on, before and after.

Next we went down to the rabbits and worked on their cages 🙂

We ended our day having cinnamon rolls for dinner and relaxing watching My Little Ponies. We hope your day was as blessed as ours!

Blessings be with y’all


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