Spring break is halfway done.

Good evening!

We have been working really hard at getting the spring break to do list completed. I spent several hours with our weed eater today and got a few tasks done. We also chose to start burning the kudzu and woods we moved yesterday.  We even got the old burn pile area cleaned up!

We moved the old burn barrel and  edged all the tall grass down. We hope to have it ready to mow on Saturday!

The playset was given to us before we moved here by Ms. Cath, our dear friend and neighbor. The kids still love it!

We also got another wall in lil mans room painted.

And yesterday we spent hours cleaning up kudzu. These pictures show that there is nothing really left in the atea we cleared. It’s about 6 feet deep and from the edge near the chicken run all the way over to the pecan tree. Over 100 feet.

Tomorrow is expected to be stormy. We are greatful for a day of rest. Blessings be woth y’all!


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