Mowing and edging done!

Good Evening!

Whew its been a long day! Mowing took several hours but that was after I replaced a old plug in the left front tire! My first plug ever!!


Edged everything but the back yard yeah 🙂 And got one heck of  sunburn too.Then I pulled Privets. See I know these are not the big ones, but these are the ones that take over every bit of land we clear. Privets are a invasive weed here and pulling every last one of them out is the only real way to rid yourself of them. The propagate by seeds and root suckers 😦


After pulling privets I dug up a mound of dirt that was in a bad spot and started filling in the holes and dips that have grown over the winter.


And the best news of the day is…. THE EGG CARTONS ARRIVED!!!! Now we wait on the stamps for the paperwork and I am able to sell 🙂


Pasture fed chicken eggs! I am Excited!

Blessings be with y’all!



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