Bike riding, tomatoes and weeding.

Good morning!

We have been very busy here with planting tomatoes and weeding. The lil ones got some bike riding in and some slushies!


My youngest daughter can now rider her bike down hill at only  4years old!!!!


My oldest and youngest trying to figure out pedelling. He gets it down every once and awhile. Theres no rush though hes only 3!


This is one of my proud mama moments for this week. My middle daughter who is 9 figure out how to remove a chain guard and put the chain back on all by herself!


Our youngest daughter Trinity enjoying her raspberry slushie!


And Durby III enjoying his Screamin Strawberry slushie!


We are halfway on weeding the crop field. We are planting corn, carrots, peanuts, sweet potatoes, butter beans and peas. Looking forward to the harvest!


We got all 71 tomato plants planted and they are growing nicely. We will be posting them today!

Our fertilizer is rabbit poop and we mixed it 50/50 under the plants. The yellow you see is the last remaining damage from a fungal issue we had.

Hope your days are as busy and blessed as ours!



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