We started our spring prep.

Good evening, 

We started prepping for spring planting today by moving our rabbit poop and chicken poop compost to our smaller vegetable garden.

The darker soil is our home made organic fertilzer. It still has bigger pieces of hay and some leaves. We will fill in the vegetable garden with this mixture of rabbit poop and chicken poop. It will then sit till we plow it next spring. I plan on turning the the mixture as needed to further compost the larger pieces. We hope this will improve the soil in this area enough to support our smaller crop items next spring. 

We also bought 11 Rhode Island Red pullets to add to our flock. We lost half our flock last spring and we need to build it back up.

Our losses were so great I will need to revamp our flock page almost completely. 

We also started our inventory for the homestead. We will be buying vetch soon as we are out. This is the cover crop we plant on our field for the winter.

We ended our day with AC repair and mantenance. The kids had of course put beads and other small items in the vent. Luckily we got everything out and cleaned up the coils while it was open.

Now for more spaghetti with my home made sauce. 

Hope y’all have a good night!


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