Our Daily Life

Good afternoon!

Everymorning our free range chickens work in the organic rabbit feces fertilzer into our small vegetable garden.

Of course they all return to our chicken yard at feeding time.

We get a decent amount of eggs daily, but we need over two dozen a day to make enough to sell at market next spring and we are not quite there yet.

Our male rex Cotton is usually happy to see us.

Hes also a brat because he likes to play in his hay.

Here is our rex female lounging and enjoying the cool tempetatures in our rabbit enclosure. 

We are in the process of rearranging all of our rabbits in order to be ready for the babies next month.

I had given up on harvesting any butter beans this year, but we are in luck. The speckled butter beans are finally producing. 

As you can see I allowed our field to over grow as I had given up. But those climbing vines you see on the left are mostly speckled butter beans and our loaded with bean pods. Our first harvest did not yield much, but there are many more on the vines.

I also have almost enough to replant nect year. We do have a stink bug infestation and so when we plant next year we will be moving them to a new location and watching.

Well I have been sewing up a storm and will post Sunday all about my creations!


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