Good Afternoon!!

For the last few days I have been sewing almost non stop. I have sewn boxers, skirts, shirts, leggings and a apron. Most of the patterns where free or I used tutorials to make a pattern. The skirts I made the patterns myself. The ninja turtle clothing was free patterns. The leggings peg leg by P4P and I love them. The top is McCall’s M6398. Of all the sewing I did my favorite to sew was the ninja turtle outfit for my son. He wears a size 7 at 3 years old.

I also enjoyed sewing him his first set of boxer briefs. I made these from scrap knit I got in bulk. I have sewn four so far and pan to sew another six for him this week. This pattern was free.

My husband wanted a matching shirt with our youngest, so I found a free mens thief pattern and sewed this up for him. I still find the neck difficult. The serger I purchased is definitely earning its place in my tools.

The leggings you see here are the Peg Legs I love so much. And the top I needed to modify from the pattern. I did not enjoy sewing the top very much as the fabric I chose is really slippery and was quite difficult to get to hang just right.I will make another one using but I wont use such slippery knit.

This skirt I made by cutting off twice the length of my child’s waist. I then cut the fabric in half width wise. I served the seam and hem. I then made the waist by folding down a inch, sewing and inserting elastic. Since I cut the fabric in half, I then sewed up the other half into another skirt for her. These do not twirl exactly the way Frankie adores but they fit good and she loves them.

Last year I sewed Frankie a circle skirt from a green version of this print for St. Patrick’s Day. She loved it, so since her favorite color is red, I found the red version and made her another. She loves this skirt. I have difficulty with the waists on circle skirts as I do not carry the elastic for sewing the waist. I will be carrying some now as both my girls adore circle skirts. Frankie’s is made from a 1\4 circle skirt pattern I made my self.The black white and red is another one I made her.

This is Trinity’s only item this round of sewing. I made her a half circle skirt out of her favorite shopkins fabric. She loves it. I made this pattern as well.

This apron I made my youngest Durby iii to go with his dads and gpas. Now all three generations of Durby have one. Now to get some photos of the men together.

Thank you for your time 😜




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