Maintenance and crafts

Good evening,

With the heat still topping out at 100, I must remain indoors. Durby Jr got in some outside time today and did some needed repairs to the chicken coop. The chickens do roost overnight in the coop and it appears most lay their eggs in it too. We are considering expanding by adding a second smaller coop to the yard next spring. We are adding more nest boxes in October. 

I started crafting a pompom mouse out of this 1975 craft encyclopedia.

This is the craft I chose.

The materials were on hand and simple.

I did manage to get the first pompom done but the rest will have to wait till tomorrow.

You cut the cardboard rings then wrap in yarn till the center hole is full.

Then cut the yarn. Seperate the two cardboard rings and tie a string around the center. Then cut cardboard rings and pull off.

This is time consuming and tedious. But if you do not already own pompom makers like me, well this is a alternative that makes really full pompoms. Tomorrow I plan to finish this cute project and look more at paper crafts. 



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