Chicken yard

Good evening,

We worked on our chicken yard today. Its been a few months since we cleared around it. We also need to repair the walls and gate. I used some electric hedge trimmers and cleared out quite a bit or weeds. Durbs worked on repairing the walls. Durbs also secured the bottom of the coop so the chickens can’t go under it. Here are the before pictures.

And here is what we got done. 

Now we have lost several hens and eggs to predators lately. Since sarah died we do not have a livestock guardian. We found this scatt in the chicken yard.

Although we do not know what animal this came from we think we have a racoon eating our hens. We will continue reinforcing the chicken yard tomorrow and hope to have it done this weekend. I doubt we will stop losing hens if we do not get a livestock guardian dog. Have a good evening!!

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