A prediction of litters.

Good Evening,

Today we burned some of the trees we cleared out for our new crop field and then enjoyed some cute and quality time with our bunnies. We have two litters right now. One for Pink and one for Blue. Pinks were born a few days after Blue’s. Blue had 8 kits born and lost one. I weighed two kits of hers today and one weighed in at 9.8oz and one at 11oz.These are 25 days old. We will weigh again at 4 weeks and then every week after till 10 weeks when we sell. I should have waited till 4 weeks but I was very excited at the size of some of the kits bellies. We are also expanding our tracker to track even the moon phase at breeding. We even have a tattoo numbering system planned. The first letter of the color of the doe,then the number of litter, then the number of kit. We don’t have a tattoo gun yet but hopefully by then end of the year we will have one. Both of our litters are eating solid food right on time!

Here is Blue with one of her kits. I snapped this shot right before we did our daily cleaning.


Here is a shot of Pink’s as they had their first solid meal.


Pink’s were born on the 18 of November and her first litter was 9. There are 7 remaining. We do not plan on keeping any of these kits but might keep some of the second litters. Blue and Pink are both due a few days before Christmas! We will be removing these litters before they are due of course.

Last time I saw some of the does we bred had fur build up around their cages and I thought this might be a sign they are pregnant. I was right over half the time. We have 6 does we breed that are New Zealand Whites. They are Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange and White. Our breeding last time we had three deliver, Blue, Pinke and Yellow. Yellow was caught completely by surprise and all  5 of hers were lost. This time we have more hope that she will be a good mother. Green, Orange and White did not take last month but have a lot of fur build up around their cages this time.  We hope to have all six does deliver before Christmas.

We have been reading up on other rabbitries here on Alabama and plan to incorporate some of their criteria in selecting breeding stock. We also plan to purchase some from them later this year.Now on to our Rex’s. These bunnies are our pet or show bred rabbits, not for meat sale. We plan to local sell only and hope to have pedigrees next year. We also hope to start showing them. We have bred our female rex twice now but I am not hopeful with her. We will have to change some plans if she does not kindle this time. We will probably then breed her with our proven buck to see if it is her. I sincerely hope she kindles this time. We got her and our rex male from Florida and are not headed there again any time soon

Well I am off here to go craft some before dinner.

Blessings be with you!!




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