The Mammas and their kitens

Good evening all,

I am new to posting to this site. I am Lisa’s husband. I am writing today to support my hard working better half as she is in the middle of a crochetathon for the holidays. In bunny news we weighed pink’s babies today and they are a bit lighter than blue’s we have incorporated a numbering system using a fine pointed sharpie on the OMG cute!!! lil fuzzy kits. Pink 1 weighed in at 10 oz, 2 at 11.4, 3 at 12.9, 4 at 10.4, 5 at 12.4, 6 at 11.4,and 7 at 10.2. Yes they weigh a little less than blue’s litter for the most part but I remain hopeful since they are three days behind blue’s litter and they seem to grow pretty rapidly at this point. All of our kits have been weaning themselves off from their respective mother’s seemingly automatically and grow more interested in the pellet feed, hay, and water with each passing day. I plan to upload a picture tomorrow morning of pink with her kits to better keep within our bandwidth allotment on our satellite internet this month. We are expecting more litters very soon and I will have to finish crafting more cages for grow out within the next few days. Our next expected due dates are from December 18th through the 23rd. That’s the update for to day. Thank y’all!



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