Tracking the kits weight.

Good evening,
We weighed our 5 week old kits today and all nut 2 are over a lb with some a lb and a half! We sorted ouor kits by weight and renumbered them 1-14. We are hopeful they will increase weight gain. We would like to be as close to 5lbs by 10-12 weeks as possible. We realize this is a lofty and possibly unrealistic goal. Especially as this is our first litters.
We have only gotten one small litter so far from this breeding. We will be discussing this tonight and planning our next breeding. We have learned an amazing amount from these last two breedings. We know that currently we need more cages and tables and canopies to support all does delivering at once. We are thankful that the breeding is not so prolific, as if God is stepping and saying not yet. We will do a pallet run in our near future and plan on getting a second canopy as soon as we can afford it.
I have read a paper on a study supported by the US GOVERNEMTN about the rate of growth for NZW rabbits. They found that the weight at two weeks could aid in predicting later weights. We now plan to track the weight of the kits starting at 2 weeks and finding out our ratio. The study also found the length of the leg was a predictor of overall size. We do not really care abut the overall length of the rabbits but this is a really cool bit of information.
We are changing our trackers to reflect our new goals and ideas. We will be adding a page as well to share our results of whether or not our 2 week weigh really is a reliable predictor of weight at 10-12 weeks. It was fun to get to play with each little bunny. We are also working out a breeding schedule to slow for Easter bunnies.
Blessing be with you.


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