Our 6 week bunny weigh in.

God evening,

Today we weighed our 14 grow outs to see about how much they have gained over the last week. We have one over 2lbs which is wonderful and our smallest was 1lb 5 oz. Now there are three days between the two litters birthdates. We hope to sell 4-5b rabbits at 11 weeks, but that remains to be seen. The gains ranged from 6 oz up to 11 oz with the average being 7.5 oz gain. If these grow outs maintain this rate we should be looking at 4 lb at sell time. This is our goal.

We started our next breeding cycle with Green and the moon phase is new moon. We will breed all that have not produced a litter first. Then move on t our proven does from our first litters. Leaving our new moms for next breeding cycle. We pan to rotate due to lack of funding for expansion. We need more cage wire, cage fasteners, feeders, water bottles, bungee cords, zip ties, and a second canopy before we  breed all does again.

Our two new mommas are doing great. Both only had 4 kits and these are very weld fed and taken care of. We hope to sell our rex grow outs for $10 as soon as they are old enough. We plan to keep one doe from the first litter. For our NZW that had only four we are looking to sell those as weld for $10 once they are big enough. We might keep a doe from this litter as well.

We also moved rabbit manure to the garden and it looks like we will get a good bit more before spring planting time. I am excited to see how well my vegetables ill do with these soil amendments. We have almost filled in the ditch created by last years plowing. 

A huge shout out to my Father In Law and Mother In Law. I have type this entire post on the blue tooth keyboard they got me for Christmas! This makes sting so much easier for me. Thank you bunches!


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