Baby Bunnnies/Kits,Rabbitry Efficiency Upgrade, and Intensive Gardening Prep.

Good Day All,

We are still breeding and selling bunnies, looking at efficiency in our operations,  and using different gardening techniques this year. We have recently had two new litters which is a little disappointing since we bred four bunnies, gave each of them a whole day with the buck, and only two conceived. We have 12 newborn bunnies one of which is a runt that might not make it. As far as efficiency is concerned with the rabbitry I have remounted all of their doors to where they open down. You’d be surprised how much time is wasted fighting a door that keeps trying to close on you with the wire getting tangled up in your clothes. We have also purchased and mounted more feed boxes on the cages to replace the bowls that bunnies tend to tip over and waste food out of. It is also a lot quicker to not have to open and close cages to go after bowls. I mounted a hay box on a momma’s cage. I  am also offsetting our feed cost, which is climbing due to the number of bunnies we have, by feeding the momma does and buck bunnies hay. I want to try to keep my grow outs on rabbit pellets (recommended by rabbit man farms in sandy hook Mississippi) supplemented with horse mana, (recommended by our good friend Val who also raises rabbits) to try and get them up to weight by selling time.
Our chickens are doing well. I have been feeding them twice a day to try and get more eggs out of them but I believe they are limited in their egg laying ability during the fall and winter time frame. I need to do more research. We have been averaging about three eggs a day from the 11 hens that are old enough to lay. I keep them stocked up with broken up oyster shell for calcium and to aid their digestion. I also give them two parts of three part scratch per 1 part of layer pellets. twice a day. About 9 cups per feeding for 24 chickens twice a day. I have been using the same bucket every day to feed them out of so, if any should escape, if I have that bucket with me they might come to me.
We are trying our hand at intensive gardening this year to get more yield out of less space. We are making boxed plots to help keep weeds out and planting crops based on the space they need apart from one another instead of in rows. Planting in this manner lets the shade from the growing plants prevent weeds from getting sunlight which also aids in weed control. Furthermore, more plants are planted in less space since rows are not used which increases crop yeild.

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