A busy day on the homestead


Good day all,

We were busy little bees today. I worked on more soil prep and worked in some bunny poo for fertilizer. I dug, de-weeded, framed, and the kids had fun aerating the soil in our raised gardens.

Lisa and I came up with a way to trellis the garden of sweet peas by cutting notches in some old wooden boards with a chainsaw and fitting them together like lincoln logs. We then ran big wooden sticks from our deforestation efforts to connect them and draped yarn down for the peas to climb. The pea plants already started wrapping tendrils around the yarn by the time Lisa reached the end of the first trellis.

I secured the garbage cans so they would not get knocked down by loose dogs again, or raccoons, or whatever. I put a board across the front. I made it to where the board can flip out of the way to make it easier on our garbage man to get the cans out. It only took one long board and two nails on our pallet-constructed trash can holder. Then we ended the day with privot removal and found a blossoming peach tree in the parasitic brush that emerged relieved. Until later blessings be with y’all.

Durby Robinson Jr.

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