Working hard!

Good evening, 

We have been extremely busy over here. We have continued clearing our land.

And digging our garden plots.

Push mowing the land as our riding lawnmower needs maintenance.

Durby sharpened the mower blades for me today. I push mow, hreat excersize.

And our seedlings are ready for transplanting! So exciting! We have roma tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, hot peppers, and Durby’s Banana peppers.

Our baby Rex rabbits are getting big.

Handsome buck we have here. We plan to breed one more time before summer. Then we retire our Momma doe from our breeders. 

We are busy but excited and happy at the outlook of the homestead. It looks like we will have a great black berry crop this year. Our peach tree did not lose all its blooms in the frost so we hope for peaches too.  Our grape vines look good this spring as well.

Its not all work here. We make sure to have our sabboth off. And we spend our evenings relaxing by playing video games together and watching movies. 

Blessings be with y’all!



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