Planting has begun!

Good evening,

The time has finally arrived to start planting our crops for summer. We all helped plant 700 purple hull peas in our small garden plot. We used square inch method for our spacing. The grid I made divides each square foot into fourths providing the 6″ distance needed between plants.

We did not water these as we are expecting rain Monday and Wednesday. We will thin these down to around 300 plants.

Our peppers and tomato plants ate being hardened off for planting next week.We have 225 tomatoes and 250 peppers!

We used our rabbit poop to fertilize our old peach tree that we removed the privets from around. We put 10 gallons around the base. We will reapply as needed.

We use intensive gardening practices and square inch spacing. One of the biggest benefits of this is the reduction of weeding needed. Another is the soil retains water longer. Both of these benefits are due to the leaves of the plants shading the soil. We have not weeded our green arrow peas since they sprouted and we still do not need to weed. The picture shows how little soil is visible through the plants as well as showing it is damp and weed free.

We also burned some today. It was nice to get the fire roaring even if only for a few hours.

We are quite busy with yard work these days. Hours of mowing, edging, trimming, and yard waste removal take up most of our days in spring.

Blessings be with y’all!



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