Clearing our land.

Good evening. We had several hours of rain today. We try to get out to the forest after every rain to remove privets and trees. The rain softens the soil up and makes it incredibly easy to remove privets roots and all. We use a pair of clippers, 2 axes and a chainsaw. Most of the removal is done with the axes. We chop a ring in the soil aroubd the base of the privet then pull it out. We only spend about a hour at a time doing this as it is exhausting work. We use the chainsaw to cut up the downed privets and to cut down the trees bigger than 6″. Today we removed around 20 good size privets. 

This is something me and Durbs do as a team. It is his idea to cut the roots and remove the privet as whole as possible. This kills the privet and they do not return. Before we would cut close to the ground and use a herbicide on the sprouts. That was not effective at killing privets. We have fun while we clear too!ā€‹ā€‹


Tomorrow its back to yard work and gardening. 

Blessings to you and yours!



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