First irrigation system in place.

Good evening,

Today I put in the first of our irrigation systems. We use gravity fed drip irrigation for our crops. Before this we watered by hand. It is slow going to get it set up, but is definitely worth it. We use our well water for the crops. I will fill the water barrel every afternoon and water at dusk. If needed I will add a watering in the morning as well. This is gravity fed so no electricty needed. I use low pressure emmitters so the pressure of the water in the line is all thats needed to cause a drip. The water barrel holds roughly 40 gallons and I have screens in each adapter to help prevent clogging from debris.

I use sticks to hold the emiiters in place. Low cost system and well worth the money spent.

Blessings be with y’all!



2 thoughts on “First irrigation system in place.

  1. That system looks great! I will make a suggestion though. I noticed the can you used for storage. I didn’t see any kind of our for it. We use a similar can for our rain barrel. We have a problem with mosquitoes breeding in any standing water, so I cut a section out the center of the lid. I them flipped the lid over nd covered that hole with normal window screen. I glued it to the lid with a bead of silicone to hold it in place. This works wonderfully for filling the barrel but keeps the skeeters out. If you already have something similar, I apologize. But, if not it could be an option for you. Happy watering!


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