Makin’ Gardens

Good day and blessings to yall! 

Lisa set up the second drip irrigation system today. I like it a lot. It puts the water exactly where it is needed and is easy to fill. It saves a lot of time as well. Efficiency is a plus. I worked on watering crops and taking care of the animals since I had to work another job today. 

Lisa and Frankie planted and watered a garden of jalapeños for Nana as well as some roma tomatoes so we can make our own special spaghetti sauce again, one word: deliciousness.

It is Kudzu season again in our area but I am not afraid. It’s free feed that my bunnies find very yummy. It’s not difficult to harvest either since they eat vines and all. 

Well, that’s all for today folks. Yall come back now Y’hear.

Great success to you all!

Durby Jr


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