After living all our lives in various Cities, we (Durby Jr., Lisa, Anny, Frankie, Trinity, Durby III and Sarah) decided to move to the middle of Alabama onto Robinson family land and create our homestead.  Durby Robinson Sr is our landowner and patriarch, with over 40 years of farming experience we rely on his knowledge extensively. We moved to Verbena December 20th 2014. Durby Jr. and I, Lisa or mom, decided to start this blog to track our progress, help others and get input on our progress. I have been using Facebook, but have decided that blogging would fit our needs more. So here we go! Let me introduce you to our Large family. Durby Robinson Jr is Dad, Lisa Robinson is mom, Anny is our oldest at 14, then Frankie shes 8, Trinity is 3 and Durby III is 2. We also came with one Great Pyrenees/ Standard poodle mix Sarah, who was 6 months old.  Durby Sr is Gpa and  Sandra is Nana. Also included in our homesteading adventure are Durbs sister Celeste and her husband Sasuke, my sister Tina, my uncles John and George and several of our friends. Our goal is to provide as much of our food ourselves as possible and reduce our monthly financial needs. Please join us on our life change from city and suburbia to farming and homesteading.


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