Ok so after we cleared off the concrete slab we found, we started setting up the coop. We originally planned on a 10′ by 8′ coop but we think it is more like 6 ‘by 8’. We have 7 5′ by 8′ pallets and several pieces of chicken wire from the old coop. We also bought numerous nails( over 4 lbs) and staples( big thick kind). We also picked up several cinder blocks.

IMG_4665 First we set up one pallet on 6 cinder blocks three on each end.

IMG_4702 Then we brought down the second pallet for the flooring. And we added 2 more cinder blocks on the ends and 5 across the center so that each pallet had access to 9 supporting cinder blocks. We did this to raise it up off the concrete floor to enable us to not only better protect our chickens, but to aid in cleaning the coop.

IMG_4703 After we had the floor pallets stabilized we stapled and nailed down the old chicken wire to floor so that instead pf scooping out the chicken poo we can just sweep it and let if all through the chicken wire. We used the extra strong staples all along the outside and nailed the inside and overlapping areas. This will ensure a raccoon or such can’t pull up the chicken wire at the edges and get in. This process was tedious and exhausting.

IMG_4722 After the chicken wire floor was complete we started working on the walls for the coop. These pallets are quite heavy, and we can barely lift them so we slide them mostly.

IMG_4726 Then we took another pallet and cut out two planks, then reassembled the end piece for the supports. This made it the correct length and gave us the required surface area for connecting it to the other two walls.

IMG_4727 I had cut some slats and we nailed these both to the top pallet and the bottom pallet for support. If you look through the wood planks you can see them. This enable the pallet to stand up without one of us holding it, and although it’s not enough support for long-term it definitely is needed in the short term.

IMG_4728 We raised the second pallet that we are using as a wall and connected them in the corners. We lined the two up and nailed wooden 1 x 4’s across the corners to hold them together.

IMG_4729 The last thing we did was add the third wall and nail the connecting 1 x 4’s in the corner.

We have had to stop here and due to expected storms we wont get much farther till next week. We do plan on adding the front pallet soon.

Here are the rest of what we did to finish our coop.

We added a front and door, then we added the pallets for the roof, put in plywood for the floor and added tin roofing on top. We added plywood on the outside of the coop and painted it. The paint we got was a off tint so it was 5 gallons of cheap UGLY purple pink.

After this we added machine cloth over the remaining holes. And we will be mimicking this process for our shed.


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