Our Wish List

Well here it is. This list will change as our needs change, but for anyone who wants to know how to help this is where you check for what we need.

This list is of things we can always use, or use alot of:

  • 3″ Nails
  • 3″ Wood Screws
  • Chicken wire
  • Chain link fencing 6ft
  • Barb Wire
  • Flour
  • Yeast
  • Crayons
  • Sugar Free Kool Aid
  • Chick Feed
  • 409
  • Paper towels
  • Fire Ant Pesticide
  • Insect repellent / mosquito repellent
  • Sugar
  • Prayers
  • Well Wishes
  • Blessings

These are things we need but need a limited supply.

  • Semi Gloss Paint Exterior- bright colors, this is for our coop and shed.
  • Semi Gloss Paint Interior- for the inside of our trailer, white is fine.
  • Flat paint Exterior 5 gal white, 2 gal light blue. For Trailer Exterior.
  • 55 Gal Water Barrels 6 total needed
  • Burn Barrel Metal Drum
  • Herb Seeds
  • Sun Block- kid friendly or sweat resistant.
  • Work Gloves- medium for Anny, large for me and durbs.
  • Another wheel barrel as ours is starting to fall apart
  • Canning Supplies.
  • Fencing Posts

And a list of items our children would love to have:

  • Anny would really enjoy having sandals, tennis shoes, flip flops or low heals/pumps She wears a size ten in womens shoes.
  • Frankie would like  some sandals, flip flops or tennis shoes she wears a child size 3.
  • Trinity loves to stay all day in pj’s. She would love some summer time Pj’s. She wears size 4t.
  • Lil man and Trin both love Paw Patrol and would love to have paw patrol coloring books
  • Anny would love earrings, Lip stick, eye-shadows, and bangles.
  • All the girls would love nail polish, favorite colors are pink, blue and purple.
  • Sarah would love more chew toys and balls to play with.
  • Anny would love a bicycle. Shes 5’2″ and it wold need to be a mountain bike type.
  • Power wheel battery- please contact us about this one, we need to research what kind.
  • Bicycle pump
  • A new wagon as ours melted 😦

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