And the last of the seedlings are planted.

Good evening,

Today we tilled and planted two garden plots. We planted Cayene peppers, Chile peppers and Better Boy Tomatos.
Then my hubby got me dinner as a reward for planting over 100 plants.

Yummy!! Its been a long hard day so excuse me as I devour this chinese food!

Blessings be with y’all



Makin’ Gardens

Good day and blessings to yall! 

Lisa set up the second drip irrigation system today. I like it a lot. It puts the water exactly where it is needed and is easy to fill. It saves a lot of time as well. Efficiency is a plus. I worked on watering crops and taking care of the animals since I had to work another job today. 

Lisa and Frankie planted and watered a garden of jalapeños for Nana as well as some roma tomatoes so we can make our own special spaghetti sauce again, one word: deliciousness.

It is Kudzu season again in our area but I am not afraid. It’s free feed that my bunnies find very yummy. It’s not difficult to harvest either since they eat vines and all. 

Well, that’s all for today folks. Yall come back now Y’hear.

Great success to you all!

Durby Jr

And more planted.

Good evening,

Today I started with my half weeded garden plot.

And ended with the garden plot fully planted with the last of the sweet bells and more romas.

Then I planted the Banana peppers.

Our green arrow peas have flowers on them. And are finally using the trellis we built. This is definitely a learning experience with them. The few spinach plants that came up are producing enough for a salad for two every other day. The lesson I learned from the green arrow peas is to make taller trellises and to turn the direction. From the spinach I learned not to use last years seeds.

Tomorrow I will install more irrigation and work on the next garden plot.

Blessing be with y’all!


First irrigation system in place.

Good evening,

Today I put in the first of our irrigation systems. We use gravity fed drip irrigation for our crops. Before this we watered by hand. It is slow going to get it set up, but is definitely worth it. We use our well water for the crops. I will fill the water barrel every afternoon and water at dusk. If needed I will add a watering in the morning as well. This is gravity fed so no electricty needed. I use low pressure emmitters so the pressure of the water in the line is all thats needed to cause a drip. The water barrel holds roughly 40 gallons and I have screens in each adapter to help prevent clogging from debris.

I use sticks to hold the emiiters in place. Low cost system and well worth the money spent.

Blessings be with y’all!


Weeding, soil preparation, and planting. 

Good day all!

We had another rather full day yesterday. After church we did more soil preparation. The kids were bored with all their many toys and wanted to help too. How does that happen? 

So our hard little workers helped in weeding another garden plot powered by our confidence and early easter candy from an early easter event at our church on Saturday. Great job kiddos! 

We are waiting to till up the de-weeded soil until just before we plant so the soil is nice and aerated for our seeds. 

Our purple hull peas are sprouting,   and we also planted several sweet bell peppers and roma tomatoes that we had started inside earlier this season. 

We continually work the land day by day and look forward to a great harvest. Until next time may you be safe, healthy, happy, and prosperous. 


And tomorrow we transplant.

So the time has arrived to transplant all our seedlings. Im no where near ready for this. We did get the pump on our well installed and working again. 

Tomorrow I will start with sweet bells and roma tomatos. The top half of the garden will be sweet bells and the bottom half roma tomatos. I will continue this set up with all our peppers and tomatos. All except bannanna peppers which I will plant around the green arrow peas. After I am done with each garden plot, I will set up the gravity fed drip irrigation for that plot. I hope to be done transplanting by the end of the week.

Blessings be with y’all


Clearing our land.

Good evening. We had several hours of rain today. We try to get out to the forest after every rain to remove privets and trees. The rain softens the soil up and makes it incredibly easy to remove privets roots and all. We use a pair of clippers, 2 axes and a chainsaw. Most of the removal is done with the axes. We chop a ring in the soil aroubd the base of the privet then pull it out. We only spend about a hour at a time doing this as it is exhausting work. We use the chainsaw to cut up the downed privets and to cut down the trees bigger than 6″. Today we removed around 20 good size privets. 

This is something me and Durbs do as a team. It is his idea to cut the roots and remove the privet as whole as possible. This kills the privet and they do not return. Before we would cut close to the ground and use a herbicide on the sprouts. That was not effective at killing privets. We have fun while we clear too!​​


Tomorrow its back to yard work and gardening. 

Blessings to you and yours!


Planting has begun!

Good evening,

The time has finally arrived to start planting our crops for summer. We all helped plant 700 purple hull peas in our small garden plot. We used square inch method for our spacing. The grid I made divides each square foot into fourths providing the 6″ distance needed between plants.

We did not water these as we are expecting rain Monday and Wednesday. We will thin these down to around 300 plants.

Our peppers and tomato plants ate being hardened off for planting next week.We have 225 tomatoes and 250 peppers!

We used our rabbit poop to fertilize our old peach tree that we removed the privets from around. We put 10 gallons around the base. We will reapply as needed.

We use intensive gardening practices and square inch spacing. One of the biggest benefits of this is the reduction of weeding needed. Another is the soil retains water longer. Both of these benefits are due to the leaves of the plants shading the soil. We have not weeded our green arrow peas since they sprouted and we still do not need to weed. The picture shows how little soil is visible through the plants as well as showing it is damp and weed free.

We also burned some today. It was nice to get the fire roaring even if only for a few hours.

We are quite busy with yard work these days. Hours of mowing, edging, trimming, and yard waste removal take up most of our days in spring.

Blessings be with y’all!


Working hard!

Good evening, 

We have been extremely busy over here. We have continued clearing our land.

And digging our garden plots.

Push mowing the land as our riding lawnmower needs maintenance.

Durby sharpened the mower blades for me today. I push mow, hreat excersize.

And our seedlings are ready for transplanting! So exciting! We have roma tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, hot peppers, and Durby’s Banana peppers.

Our baby Rex rabbits are getting big.

Handsome buck we have here. We plan to breed one more time before summer. Then we retire our Momma doe from our breeders. 

We are busy but excited and happy at the outlook of the homestead. It looks like we will have a great black berry crop this year. Our peach tree did not lose all its blooms in the frost so we hope for peaches too.  Our grape vines look good this spring as well.

Its not all work here. We make sure to have our sabboth off. And we spend our evenings relaxing by playing video games together and watching movies. 

Blessings be with y’all!


A busy day on the homestead


Good day all,

We were busy little bees today. I worked on more soil prep and worked in some bunny poo for fertilizer. I dug, de-weeded, framed, and the kids had fun aerating the soil in our raised gardens.

Lisa and I came up with a way to trellis the garden of sweet peas by cutting notches in some old wooden boards with a chainsaw and fitting them together like lincoln logs. We then ran big wooden sticks from our deforestation efforts to connect them and draped yarn down for the peas to climb. The pea plants already started wrapping tendrils around the yarn by the time Lisa reached the end of the first trellis.

I secured the garbage cans so they would not get knocked down by loose dogs again, or raccoons, or whatever. I put a board across the front. I made it to where the board can flip out of the way to make it easier on our garbage man to get the cans out. It only took one long board and two nails on our pallet-constructed trash can holder. Then we ended the day with privot removal and found a blossoming peach tree in the parasitic brush that emerged relieved. Until later blessings be with y’all.

Durby Robinson Jr.